How to Earn Money from Blog/Website

*Some Bloggers are’t earn money from blog/website, and some bloggers are earning huge money from blogging.

Blogger Name –        Blog URL –                                       Monthly Income

Pat Flynn –     –              $184,094.67

Harsh Agrawal – –                          $32,480

Michelle –      –              $121,861.28

Matthew Woodward – –      $22,650.50

Johnny –        –                                   $8,384.25

Matthew –     –                                $10,563

Alexa –            –                 $6,648.63

Anil Agarwal – –                        $5969

Lindsay and Bjork – –                             $70000

Abby –              –             $33,659

Matthew Allen – –               $2,358.75


There are many things you need to make money from blogging.

1. first start a website

If you want to earn money from blogging, first you need a website/ Blog

2. Write Content into website

2nd you need to select topic of your choice based on your experience & expertise. And write informative articles about that topic and post into the website.

Example: suppose you have knowledge on fashion 0r Technology, then write articles on it and post it on blog.

3. Maintain relationship on all social media accounts like facebook, twitter, linked in, pinterest, instagram, etc., and make viral of all your blog posts to generate more traffic on your website.

4. Choose your income streams.

There are different ways of income streams to generate money from blogging.

1. Display Google ads into website and get paid some one click on ad.
2. Promote products or services of third party websites into website and get commission when some one clicks on affiliate link. (Affiliate Marketing).
3. Sell Digital products & Physical products into website and get paid when some one buy those.
4. Promote Services and generate income when some one hire them.


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